Hello world!

Hello! Horray! It’s me! The erstwhile Jolly Bloger!

So this is the new digs. Looks somewhat familiar doesn’t it? That’s to ease the transition. I said a while ago I wanted to move the site and change the name, because Jolly Bloger was stupid. As you can see, I have chosen an even stupider and less comprehensible name. It is the latin translation of “pompous name”, inspired by my friend at acatalepticdidactics.com (nothing there yet).

I also said I wanted the new name to keep the JB initials so I could use the same logo. Clearly this name does not take that form, but fuck it. The JB logo stays. My initials are JB, and I actually paid to have the logo created so I’m going to damn well use it. I guess I’ll keep my username as jbrydle too, in the interest of shedding the anonymity. This may change.

Recently I have been using Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter to share links and voice my crazy opinions much more than I used to. So… I don’t know what I’m going to use this space for. I guess we’ll see.

That is all for now. KTHXBAI

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